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Lawrence Riberio High Risk ShooterLawrence is a graduate of the Canon Boot Camp and has helped us pull off several boot camps as well. But that’s the tame description. In the real world, Lawrence falls (literally, sometimes) into the category of “high risk” shooters, creating and filming stunts and other adventerous moments in time for his clients.

On top of showcasing his new reel (see video below), we asked Lawrence for his experience and advice for others considering his line of work and how his training at the Canon Boot Camp helped him:


More often than not it’s about the basics. Yes, these shots can be quite difficult and risky but it was the fundamentals of training my eyes. There is no room for error as things are happening so fast that the very thing you are shooting actually “seems” to become secondary, if you can believe it.

Mind you everything has been planned. In fact, my shoots seem more like a Bank heist than a shoot itself as timing and somewhat rhythm are key.

Reel – Lawrence Ribeiro from Destination Unknown on Vimeo.

One thing that my mentor preached to me, repeatedly, was training my eye to be discriminate. The tool? A toilet paper roll. Yes, I did say that. You see, at any given time there are thousands upon thousands of objects of interest in view, but you only need a couple or so. And when things are going so fast, you need be precise in your actions. How you frame and compose a shot has to be discovered by following the greats and sometimes looking at Art/Photographs, as opposed to advertising, can be a great vehicle for such.

Once you have keen sense and [training] you will start developing your own style.
The Canon DSLR is a great tool for images, but your eyes need to be trained. Bang for your buck…this is still the ticket. For the really fast stuff, the DSLR can be limiting. However, if you move at the same or similar speed as the object than that can be accomplished with the Canon DSLR.

Lastly, practice is needed. I know veterans that have been shooting for over 40 years…they still practice and so do I.

Be the best that you can be…

Lawrence Ribeiro
Manhattan Beach, CA
Great words of advice for any filmmaker. Thanks, Lawrence, and we look forward to viewing your future work.

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