Canon Boot Camp Graduate Profile: Lisa Tanzer

Lisa Tanzer has been a supervising producer for reality tv shows such as “Amish in the City,” “Deadliest Catch,” and “Triple Rush.” Lisa is currently the VP for Current Programming for Warm Springs Productions, and just became a Canon Boot Camp Survivor.
Lisda Tanzer, VP at Warm Springs Productions

In reference to the boot camp, Lisa Tanzer, a first time students says, “At Warm Springs Productions, we use 7D all the time for b-roll, specialty shots, and time lapse. I love Canons and I thought it would be the smart thing to do. It definitely was.

“What I liked about the boot camp was that it was very hands-on. It made me feel more comfortable with the camera. I’m sure I’d want to take pro level ll so I can become even more comfortable with it. I would absolutely recommend this workshop. I was literally trying to think of people I could recommend it to!”

Lisa particpated in our Pro Level I Boot Camp, and received our Canon Certification for completing. One of the unique features of our Canon camera classes is that we maintain 100% passing skill requirement. Everyone leaves only after they understand the correct answers to all the questions on the course exam. It’s very important to us that each participant walks away with a complete understanding and all their questions answered.

Our attidtude towards training people in the Canon HDSLR 5D and other cameras, is that we assume you have a job the following week that requires use of the Canon HDSLR. It’s not just talk, it’s hands-on.  To find out more about our current and upcoming classes, visit

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