Canon Boot Camp Guest Speaker: Eric Schmidt, DP

Eric Schmidt, Cinematographer
The Association’s Canon Boot Camp has a special guest scheduled for Jan 28th’s Pro Level I class.

Eric Schmidt. Though you may not recognize the name, you will certainly recognize the work. Having DP’d commercials for Miller Genuine Draft, Snapple, Toshiba, and Verizon as well as music videos for Coldplay, Michael Jackson, Adele, The Flaming Lips, and Beck, his body of work is not only impressive, but an integral part of pop culture.

Foo Fighters’ music video “Best of You“, which he filmed with director and oft-collaborator Mark Pellington, won an MTV music video award in 2005. A year earlier they earned an ASC Outstanding Achievement Award for their work on the TV series Cold Case. Obscure, he is not.

The imagery in Schmidt’s 2011 movie I Melt with You, starring Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven, and Sasha Grey, is even more striking than his otherwise mainstream work. A story about three 40ish best friends who find themselves revisiting a disturbing pact made years earlier, Schmidt’s cinematography creates a world of chaos, depth, and strange beauty.

A still of Sasha Grey, from the film I Melt with You

A core belief in the filmmaking world is that the image is universal. A film should be able to tell a story without the use of dialogue. If that is true, then Eric Schmidt has succeeded without question, which is why we’re eager to hear what he has to say to our students at the January 28th Pro Level I Canon Boot Camp.

Still of Rob Lowe in the film, I Melt with You

Eric will be giving our students advice, answering questions, and talking to us about using a DSLR, which he used to shoot I Melt with You.

“The freedom to shoot handheld, to crouch down, to throw it under your arm, switch shoulders or stick it out of a window was the greatest part of shooting with [DSLR]” says Schmidt in an interview with HDVideoPro.

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