Can’t Find Prosperity? Make Some of Your Own!

Waiting for prosperity to strike your pocketbook? We decided to take matters into our own hands one fine day. It was a blend of three of the luckiest events on the calendar; two traditional and one new event.

We wanted to reward our hard-working friends so we decided if the government can give billions away to lame Wall Street firms and bumbling automakers, surely we could give hundreds away to the hard-working, productive people we know. And since the government seems to have no problem with printing money we decided to hurry up the trickle down process and print some ‘money’ for our friends and have a little fun.

We took St. Patrick’s Day, the Vernal Equinox and yes, the idea of the ‘Stimulus Package’ and created our own holiday! We had live shamrock plants, $25 gift certificates, gold chocolate coins and green M & M’s. We gave out hundreds of dollars! (actually promissory notes good for any work done by The Association) backed by the full faith and credit of The Association whose credit rating is substantially higher than the Fed.

But of course it was also a party so we had some fun games: Joke Telling, Speed Scrabble, and guessed it…Charades! And for those of you who still like to gamble, some ‘can’t lose’ Poker was provided by the luckiest Irishman we know, Jim Killeen.

All in all, everyone had a great time as usual. What does this have to do with custom video production or direct response TVĀ ads? Nothing, really. Just a demonstration that to create prosperity, all you have to do is decide to have it. And you will.

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