Introduction to the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual – Part 1

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Considering signing up for the Canon Boot Camp, but wondering what we cover exactly? Read the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual and find out!

We are into our third year of training people on the Canon HDSLR. As part of our mission to educate amateur and industry pros alike, we have created a reference manual to accompany our hands-on “Active Learning” method. It was written just before the Canon 5D Mark III came out, so most of the references are to the 5D Mark II. The cameras don’t vary that much in the topics being discussed. A Mark III does shoot at 60 frames per
second and the Mark II can only shoot up to 30 frames per second. Other characteristics mentioned are not that different between the cameras.

The Purpose of the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual

Canon Boot Camp Reference ManualThe purpose of this reference manual is to prepare students for the Canon Boot Camp, orient you to the HDSLR, and lay the groundwork for the drills we’ll do. It may answer questions you’ve always had about this area. It also includes an appendix with useful information pertaining to the Boot Camp, but the appendix is only available to students who sign up for the two day class.

Have you ever been in a class where the words go in one ear and out the other? That happens when you’re unfamiliar with something the person is talking about. This reference helps keep that from happening. It prepares students for the Boot Camp, orients them to the HDSLR, and lays the groundwork for the drills we’ll do. Download your own free copy of the Reference Manual from our Facebook Page.

Why don’t we just tell you what to do?

We don’t like people who tell others what to do. You’re not a robot. How well you can use your camera depends on your understanding of it. Plus, another person’s solutions may work in certain situations, but they may not necessarily work for you. You should decide for yourself, based on your own understanding. That way you’re at cause over the camera, and not a robot. That’s why we do hands-on learning with our course checklist.

You’ll “learn by doing.”

Lectures can be boring. We take a different route to learning—a revolutionary route. The Canon Boot Camp is all about you learning the camera by doing drills. Doing the drills ensures that you understand and can apply what you’ve learned.

What is a checklist?

When you take the Boot Camp, you’ll be given a course checklist—a list of the steps you’ll take to complete the Canon Boot Camp Pro Level One. We’ve included a checklist for this Reference Manual too. It’s designed so you can go through it at your own pace and understand each step. the classes are a lot of fun and I hope we’ll see you at the next Canon Boot Camp.

What’s the end result of the Boot Camp?

It’s simple—the end result of the Boot Camp is a student who knows and can successfully apply the knowledge contained in this course to operate the Canon HDSLR effectively. But don’t take our word for it! Our graduates will be happy to tell you themselves:


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