Meet the latest HDSLR Master, Christopher Smith

Chris Smith at the Canon Boot Camp from The Association/Canon Boot Camp on Vimeo.

Our Canon Boot Camp caters to many types of people: the inspiring director, the cinematographer, the industry pro, the teacher, the student, the still photographer, and the hobbyist. Though they come from all different backgrounds, our participants have some things in common. They are curious, eager to learn, and they all walk out of our Canon Boot Camp a Canon HDSLR Pro.

Christopher Smith is a reality show editor. Essentially, he’s a storyteller. Currently the editor of the Tia & Tamara show, Chris aspires to be a director. Before taking the leap, he wanted to master the Canon 5D Mark II to be able to offer his team guidance in terms of technology and aesthetics. Chris came to our Canon Boot Camp a week after buying his Mark II and became a pro in two days. At our boot camp, he learned everything from setting his camera menu for optimal video performance, to lighting and composition. Being one of the less experienced participants, Chris made connections with his fellow-classmates, which included directors, filmmakers, and producers. Having a strong sense for storytelling, Chris now has the technical background to ensure him a successful career:

“I definitely liked the Boot Camp, especially someone with no experience. It taught me more than I could have expected.”







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