Murder, but Never Divorce

Our August Pro Level Two HDSLR workshop’s filmmakers got to shoot a short film that Hollywood loves to produce – sexy killers at each others throats.

The original title “Marriage?” is changed to “Killer”.

It’s the story of a husband telling a hired killer that he can’t stand another day listening to his over-talkative wife.   The hired killer takes the job not realizing that the husband is a police officer tired of seeing killers getting away with murder.

woman seduces killer












The police officer’s wife loves to punish the evil men in the world.  She likes to tantalize them until they drop their guard.  Then, she kills him.

the fly checks out the spider












knife to the throatMomma's unhappy

It’s not a family picture but we sure had a great time shooting it.  Tarantulas, silk stockings, guns and knives.  That’s a great day of shooting.



Oh yes, we also teach you how to use your HDSLR, new DSLR lighting techniques and sound recording.

Hope to see you at our Pro Level Two shoots.  It’s scary how much fun they are.

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