New to the team: Tom Murray- Artist/Animator

We would like to introduce a new member of our Video Production Crew at The Association, Tom Murray. Tom has spent most of his life working with art and technology. As a child he used to draw spaceships and dinosaurs. He even created flip books using Post-it pads, much to the chagrin of whatever office staff happened to be around at the time. After several years and quite a few career path changes, Tom is motivated and ready to create and take over the animated world.

In what little free time he has, Tom works on a number of personal projects, including painting, game design, and graphic novels. Though his particular forte is design and digital painting, Tom is highly proficient in a number of tool sets, including 3D, post-production, sound editing, web design, and advanced scripting, which makes him a new and unique addition to our direct response advertising agency. Tom’s style shows a handy blend of artistic skills and technological savvy which allows him to navigate the rocky waters of today’s creative market and shows his value in custom video productions.

One of Tom’s many accomplishments is that he was the recipient of DigiPen’s BFA in Production Animation. Check out “The Weed”, a short he completed for a senior project.

Tom adds, “It’s not enough for something to ‘just work.’ Today’s end-users demand something that’s aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use, and also works flawlessly and smoothly. I love using the tools at hand to create something that is all of those. I insist on working with the client and getting a solution that they can easily handle themselves. I want everyone to be happy with what’s there – quality is the savior of our economy.”

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