Our Students “Couldn’t ask for Better!”

The Korakia Hotel

The Association just taught our second class at the Palm Springs Photo Festival for the second year in a row! This time we had the honor of not teaching one, but two classes. It included a basic class, and an advanced class. We were happy to see that one student, Ray Carns, who came to the class last year, came back this year for the advanced class! The team that went to Palm Springs this year was Fletcher Murray, Nancy Murray, Michael Brewer and Andrew Bender. The students learned many techniques, tricks and tips from these cinematographers and HDSLR experts. According to the survey we gave out at the end of the class, they were all satisfied and couldn’t ask for better! That is great news to us, since we strive to provide our participants with the most relevant and useful information in the filmmaking and HDSLR world.

PSPF Canon Boot Camp Survey Results


This year, we shot at the Korakia’s Orchard House once again. We were able to visualize new scenes in a familiar environment and use new locations such as the swimming pool for an exciting underwater diving shot. The script was written by Fletcher Murray and shows off the beautiful scenery and architecture of the Korakia Pensione hotel. Some of my favorite shots are the ones featuring the gate and inviting entry way of the hotel. The video shot by the participants who were mostly still photographers, will be up shortly on our vimeo page!


An exterior shot of the exotic hotel



An ethereal underwater shot

Below is our video from the 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival:

‘Escape’ – shot by workshop attendees at the 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival from Fletch Murray/CineBootCamp on Vimeo.


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