What do you get when you put a Canon 5D in the hands of an Adventure Filmmaker ?

You get interesting footage. Or footage of moving people.  But in the case of Dominic Gil, you get interesting footage that moves you. 

“Take a seat,” Dominic says. If you take him up on that offer, you might end up on the beach in Argentina, or in the desert somewhere in Egypt. Does that sound fun to you, or absolutely crazy? Apparently, there were enough crazy (or fun – up to you) people to take a seat on Dominic Gill’s tandem bike to make not one, but three documentaries around his adventure-travel journey.

In his first documentary, Take a Seat: Alaska to Argentina, Dominic traveled on a tandem bike from Alaska to the bottom of Argentina alone, and invited locals to pedal with him. In his second documentary, Take a Seat: Sharing a Ride Across America, Dominic shared the joy of biking with 10 disabled individuals across America, where he learned that “life is full of adventure, but it’s the people you meet along the way that make the difference”.


Take A Seat Trailer from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

In his upcoming project, Take a Seat: Egypt, Dominic grabbed a bike, and a Canon 5D Mark II, and asked 7 locals to join him on his expedition. Not only does he explore the kindness of humans, but he also learns about Egypt in the midst of revolution.

TAKE A SEAT EGYPT (TEASE) from Dominic Gill on Vimeo.

Dominic came to our June 2012 Canon Boot Camp with issues regarding the Canon DSLR cameras he had encountered while filming Take a Seat: Egypt. Some issues he came across included moiré and lighting in outdoor environments. Our Chief Instructor, Fletcher Murray, and the Canon Boot Camp Team addressed his questions during our two-day workshop. He also walked away with in-depth knowledge of the camera’s complex menu options.

Hear what Dominic has to say about our Canon Boot Camp:

Dominic Gill's experience at the Canon Boot Camp from The Association/Canon Boot Camp on Vimeo.


Take A Seat: Egypt airs October 2012. See what amazing challenges Dominic put his 5D Mark II through and watch his adventure unfold through beautiful imagery. 

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