Who Would Turn Down a Cookie? Privacy Settings for Flash Cookies

From chocolate chip to Oreo, kids love ‘em, adults love ‘em. But on the web, the term “cookie” has a different meaning, and many people want nothing to do with them. Internet cookies are bits of text embedded in Web browsers that remember the sites you visit and help advertisers target you for pinpoint marketing. These people know how to get rid of the cookies but there is a new cookie called a “Flash cookie”, that eludes the normal  ”delete cookies” procedure.

The Flash cookie, according to a recent article in Forbes magazine, takes a special procedure to remove it. First, open any Flash application (like YouTube), then, right click (or “control click” on the Mac). An Adobe Flash Player Help window should open up that looks like this.

Flash Cookies Privacy Setting

It just took a few minutes to take away the Flash cookies and set my privacy settings to keep Flash cookies from piling up again.

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