DSLR Video Workshops: Shoot Like A Pro

Canon DSLR Video Workshops

Canon HDSLR video technology is moving fast. Are you on the Canon Cutting Edge?

Nearly every day here at The Association we get requests and resumes from DPs, Directors, actors and various other industry pros that would like to work with our company in various areas. While it would be wonderful to give everyone employment, it’s just not feasible for a variety of reasons. The primary one being that we can’t hire everyone, obviously. But what if there was a way to get work into the hands of many of these pros even if we aren’t the ones hiring them directly?

And so the Canon Boot Camp was born. As a result of taking the class, many of our graduates have been able to book jobs using their new DSLR skills.

Fletch Murray, the chief instructor for the class, started the Canon Boot Camp to bring this cutting edge technology to anyone who wants to grasp it and run with it. I know, I know. You’ve probably been to a “workshop” to learn the video capabilities of the Canon DSLR 5D or a similar camera, paid $30 or so and sat through a class that didn’t really make you more capable. This isn’t the kind of training we deliver.

Our attitude is more like this: we assume you’ve lied your way onto a video job and you need to know how the camera works. How it REALLY works. Not just the theory behind it. The actual settings, how to set up the lighting, and even the post production work flow.

To accomplish this, we’ve created two levels of classes: Pro Level I and Pro Level II.

Pro Level I: The Basics to Shoot Like a Pro

Pro Level I is geared for anyone. We have had industry pros, still photographers and even a few people who had just purchased a Canon DSLR 5D and weren’t sure yet how to turn it on. To prepare people for the class, Fletch has prepared a Reference Manual with the terms and concepts each person needs to know before they come to the class. This class is a level playing field for anyone that wants to learn Canon HDSLR Video basics, and comes with Canon Certification.

Pro Level II: Advanced Training: Shoot With the Pros

The Advanced level of our Canon camera classes, this is where we put into action what was covered in Pro Level I. Complete with script, actor(s), cameras, lighting and all the trimmings, the participants shoot a sequence of scenes designed specifically to impart specific skills. Here’s a few videos that were shot by Pro Level II participants:

The Association’s Canon Boot Camp Pro Level II class is in production on a soon-to-be released short film titled “…kindle” starring Anna Easteden and Rachid Makhlouf.

This excerpt shows the results of our scenes lit by candlelight shot at ISO 1250-2500, using Canon lenses on a 5D and 7D.


Our Pro Level II Boot Camp grads try out their new found skills with the Canon 5D Mark II camera in this exciting vampire short, “The Nun Who Lied”.

We chose a Film Noir, black and white camera setting to show off the exceptionally thick, rich (no grain) blacks the Canon 5D can produce.

Our Canon Pro Level II class uses a dolly, jib arm and car mounts to follow our nun’s escape from a dangerous, blood-sucking casting call. Thanks to our Boot Camp Alumni, who helped with the jib arms and car mounts.

Be scared. Be very, very scared.

(Special thanks to EVS for the use of their stage and generous support, to all of our talented cast and crew, and to Vara Reese for her editing.)

Curious about what’s covered in the classes? Email me and get a copy of the Reference Manual for Pro Level I and look it over. Then you’ll know.

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