Should I Join the Facebook Club?

Should you become part of the Facebook movement?

The real question is, are relationships important for you to develop new business? If the answer to that question is “yes,” then absolutely, sign up for Facebook and be part of the “club.” The benefit from online socializing can be quite dramatic.

Besides, isn’t it more fun to conduct business on the golf course or by the pool, than at a stuffy meeting with all sort of rules? Facebook is that golf course or poolside conversation that can lead to something like a business deal.

The Swimming Club

There are sure to be exceptions. If you don’t own a business, and you don’t get extra credit (commissions) for bringing in business from your relationships, Facebook isn’t going to do much for you as far as your income goes. It is possible you will get a job if someone “discovers” you on Facebook, but that’s a different topic.

Worried that your particular target market isn’t represented on Facebook? Perhaps they are somewhere else. Everyone isn’t on Facebook. Yet. But because Facebook provides incredible visibility on Google (done the right way), and the folks connected to your target market probably are on Facebook, there’s no real reason to skip having a Page representing your business.¬† Facebook “Like”¬†Pages are also great place to include your long-tail keyword research phrases.

Any way you look at it, Facebook should probably be part of your market development strategy.


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