Transitioning Into the Third Dimension

Are you shooting in 3D?

Thinking about it? 

Confused by it all?

For a format that’s been around a very long time there sure is a lot of buzz about 3D right now, and I think Mr. Cameron has a lot to do with that. But what if you’re not a big time feature film or TV guy?

What if you earn your living delivering high quality corporate video production services?

Is 3D right for you and your clients?


It’s no secret that 3D is the future, and the future is here. All content, from TV shows to home movies on the web will be 3D in the not so distant future. Flat screen 3D TVs will soon be in every household and, more importantly, every board room.

You need an effective marketing plan that includes delivering 3D projects to your current and future clients.

So you, the corporate video producer, need to educate yourself and your clients about all things 3D, and there is a LOT to learn. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there, and also companies that already specialize in 3D production and even training. Take advantage of the all the resources available, so that you can make a successful transition into the third dimension.

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