Customer Stories: Attracting New Customers with StoryCapture Technology

Ever wish you had a few hundred salespeople that worked for free? Well, you can! 

Every client and customer you have could potentially be the source of a new client or customer. It's commonly held that referral marketing is the best possible marketing available. But if it's free, why is it that so many companies don't have a plan in place to take advantage of such a marketing program?

It's a heck of a lot of work, that's why. Ok, there's probably other reasons, but for small and medium sized businesses, establishing a referral marketing program beyond just letting it happen naturally can be difficult. Hey, we're already overloaded as it is with  just the regular list of chores and customer service actions! Now we have to proactively create a referral program? I don't think so.

But Compendium, the corporate blogging platform we use here at The Association, has made it much easier for businesses to leverage good customer experience into a referral marketing program. They took care of all the logistics. Watch the video above to see the overall flow of their system which works like this:

  1. We provide excellent training on the Canon 5D DSLR or corporate video production services.
  2. Afterwards, we invite our clients and customers to provide feedback via a web-based form.
  3. The content is fed automatically into our Compendium blog system, where it is edited and approved by a moderator.
  4. Once approved and live on our blog, Compendium's system automatically emails the client/customer and lets them know the content is on our blog.
  5. The customer/client has the option to share the story on their Facebook network.

This simple system makes it easy and efficient to leverage customer generated content at no cost and spread it through one of the biggest social networks available today. Compendium's already easy-to-use blogging platform does require some time and work to manage, but it's literally a few minutes a day.

How much is one customer worth to your business? How much more would be added to your bottom line if your marketing costs decreased over time and the number of customers gained through referrals increased? There are very few businesses that wouldn't benefit from such a system! If you'd like to learn more about content marketing and how the blog is best equipped to be the hub of the future, send me an email.


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