Enterprise Social Media and Facebook

Facebook Logo
The truth is, Facebook is an incredible tool for enterprise social media. Really, nothing has changed in business just because the Web is part of the scene. What the Web has really done is made connecting for business faster. Relationships that lead to the close of a deal are still important. Can’t live without those, right?

Facebook can help build those relationships faster and through multiple channels all day long, even while you are sleeping. That’s the difference. But it has to be done the right way. Relationships can be slow to build, and fast to lose. By taking a long-term view, building organically by providing useful content centered around the needs of your potential market, a company has a better chance of creating sustainable income from their corporate social media efforts.

The first step is to truly understand the target market you are trying to reach. There is no substitute for this step, and an in-depth consumer analysis will save thousands of dollars in useless, ineffective marketing down the road.

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