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Hubspot’s Marketing Experts on State of Inbound Marketing: Part 5

Hubspot, a leader in Inbound Marketing, recently surveyed 644 companies to ascertain the state of both Traditional Media (print ads, telemarketing, tradeshows, etc.) & Inbound Marketing. As Hubspot defines it: “Inbound Marketing is a set of marketing strategies and techniques focused on pulling relevant prospects and customers towards a business and it’s products.”

This is part 5 of a 13 part series of blog posts that share bite-size portions of Hubspot’s overall report, “The 2011 State of Inbound Marketing.” If you’d like a full copy of the report, feel free to contact me by clicking here or search for the report by name on Google.

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It’s interesting to me that PPC and Telemarketing suffered almost exactly the same amount of decrease percentage wise. It also appears that companies are opting for a face to face experience by investing more in trade shows. Perhaps that also explains the rise in Blogs and Social Media, since the online options are actually similar to meeting face to face.

Social media mimics to a 24/7 party. When you’re at a party, and you meet someone new under the roof of a trusted friend, it tends to be easier to accept a new relationship with a stranger. The profile information available online from social networking sites allow us to “meet” another person online and get even more data than we might obtain in person. Before we buy, we want to make sure we are headed in the right direction, and social media allows us to mine some of the relationship-type information we like to have before setting up an appointment to meet.

Are you increasing your spend on a blogging and corporate social media campaign this year? That would include the time you spend on it. Even if you aren’t paying someone to blog for you, the time you spend is worth money. What’s your estimated increase of Inbound Marketing Budget (time or money) in 2011?

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Online Visibility and Press Releases, Part V

Trevor Eisenman's Press Release SeriesNote: This is Part V in an seven-part series I’m writing about Press Releases. Press releases are possibly an overlooked item in the enterprise social media toolbox, so I’m going to cover a few points and talk about how I’ve used them successfully for client campaigns.

I’m on the 1
st Page of Google but I wish I wasn’t. Reputation Management. It’s not fun to have to “manage” your reputation, but it happens. Sometimes it’s because of unethical practices by the competition. Sometimes it’s an internal slip-up. Or maybe the media made a meal out of some aspect of your industry, and suddenly your product doesn’t look as healthy or pleasant as it did yesterday. And now your effective marketing plan is in shreds at your feet.

In these instances, a well-written press release by a trained Public Relations person (who also knows how to optimize for search) can save you months of work in damage control. Generally there are two ways to go: 1) Get press releases written and issued in advance of a potential hiccup, and 2) Wait until something BAD happens, and act fast to get the real story out.

Obviously, no one can predict EVERYTHING. But you don’t have to! When something good happens in your industry or especially your company, consider featuring it in a press release! For example, when it comes to dealing with money, senior citizens have been scammed often. Now there are special measures in place to protect seniors. How hard would it be for someone to get an insurance business in trouble on some kind of senior citizen issue?

A press release on how an insurance company holds the best record for dealing with seniors, as recognized by some external authority, could counter any bad publicity on that subject. If the press release was issued before your firm took a kick it looks better than issuing it after the fact.

A quarterly issued press release as part of a corporate social media campaign can  contribute a “bullet proof vest” to your image in case the worst happens. Of course, all statements in press releases should be accurate and truthful. Lies are the worst kind of backfire any campaign can suffer.

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