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Tell Life What You’d Like

The Game of Life
My mind has different production lines:

1) total gibberish (ideas that come from Mars, like those in dreams that are disjointed thoughts, exciting but
totally useless).
2) bits of ideas yet uncombined into something useful (I call them “Idea Ingredients” – pieces of this and that which might be made
into a complete idea).
3) then, there is the vast area devoted to half-baked ideas (Ideas that might be workable but aren’t quite ready to be served with
money-backed guarantees).
4) and, last come the fully baked ideas (ideas that one can actually do something with even if they are stupid, i.e. “How
to Paint Your Car Yourself in a Weekend.”).

This week’s idea comes from the “Third Grade Shelf” in the half-baked idea locker.

Why serve half-baked ideas?

Well, I tend to think that people like to come up with their own solutions, so they may like half-baked ideas rather than fully-baked.

The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and other publications are stuffed with fully-baked ideas. All the thinking’s been done for you and the
articles are just poured in you like baby food. All you have to do is swallow and nod.  But if you want to do your own thinking, if you want to be
your own chef, so to speak, you might prefer half-baked ideas.

So, I present half baked ideas. With fully baked ideas  I risk losing the interest of the reader.  So, here goes with another half-baked idea.

HALF BAKED IDEA 20110717 – Let’s say you’re in line at a restaurant. In this half-baked simile, the main difference is that you don’t tell the waiter
what you want. You just show up, sit down and take what the waiter brings you.

You may grumble, but you eat it anyway and hope for something better next time, something more like what you really want.

(Here’s the philosophy part) Life is like the  restaurant. Life brings us many items we didn’t order. Life will continue to do so.  If we place our
order though, we might be happier with what Life brings us.

So, tell Life what you’d like.  Then, you might start liking Life.

NOTE – Careful inspection of what Life is bringing you now may reveal what you’re really wishing for. So maybe it isn’t everyone else’s fault.  Those
hidden dreams you have may be quietly placing orders for you. You may not even be aware this is going on.

Anyway, don’t go too deep on this.  Just place your order. Be specific as you can. You don’t even have to realistic. Let ‘er rip.

©2011Fletcher Murray