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NAB 2010 Report – Part 2: DSLR

Here are the coolest things I saw for DSLR production at NAB 2010.

1. 3D rigs made with Canon DSLRs.  Although no one has been able to sync the images from these cameras, which is necessary for 3D production, manufacturers of 3D rigs are counting on someone figuring out a solution to make these little cameras work for 3D.

2. An electronic viewfinder that taps into the HDMI output of the DSLR cameras which makes it real easy to get focus.  Made by a Korean company, the demo was actually functional!


3. A new focus/zoom remote based on an iPhone that is being developed by RedRock Micro.  I got a pic of world-renowned photographer Vincent Laforet holding it up for me.


4. Marshall’s new portable, AA battery-powered 5 inch HDMI monitor for mounting on camera.  It was so light weight! I can’t wait to show it off in my upcoming Canon DSLR Boot
Camp this Saturday, the 24th from 1-6pm.  Sign up here:


5. The WristShot from Hoodman is great for relieving the stress on your wrists and hand when you shoot.  I tried it out and was definitely impressed.  We will have Hoodman accessories like WristShot, RAW CF cards and other cool stuff at the Boot Camp.