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Boot Camp Stories

We have decided to expand our services beyond just training you in the Canon HDSLR. We’d like to elevate your importance (and ranking) on the internet. To accomplish this we want to publish stories about each of our boot camp grads on our site, which is one of the top sites in the world for Canon DSLR training. All we need is your story.

Could you take a moment and just write a couple of paragraphs about how your filmmaking has been going since you took the Canon Boot Camp? We will publish it and let you know it’s out there. You can also send links to your videos and we’ll include that too to be placed in our graduate’s gallery. Lastly, we started the Canon Boot Camp because we saw our fellow filmmakers in the business going out business when the economy crashed a few years ago. So this initiative is simply an extension to get you work now that you’ve completed the training. We look forward to your story.

All the best -

Fletch and the Canon Boot Camp team.

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Planet 5D: Canon Boot Camp Sponsor

When you’re training filmmakers on 5D, you need a lot of the most recent data to pass along. Mitch Aunger’s Planet5D site is one of the top three spots I visit to stay current on the gear coming out for the Canon HDSLR.  Mitch seems to be able to give you the straight scoop instead of the corporate BS marketing hype.  While he does have ads down the side of his Planet5D blog, I find most of those links are actually interesting new products and not just everything on earth that’s for sale.  Where else would I have found out there is a steadicam for the iPhone? But seriously, we not only are interested in providing all the data our filmmakers need to achieve Canon Certification, we want them to know their options.

We met Mitch back in the frontier days, when the Canon HDSLR was just taking off.  He was doing his interviews and trying out the gear on display in person, not phoning it in.

Strange DSLR Rig


When the Alaska gold rush was in full force, there were lots of supply stores at the bottom of the mountain happy to sell the miners everything they could.  Most of it was overpriced and a lot of it was not even needed.  I feel the Canon HDSLR also set off a gold rush and there are lots of people ready to make a quick buck off it.  The hand-held rigs are the most amusing.  There must be over a hundred rigs that “do it all.”  But inevitably, when you finally get your hands on them something weird occurs or you find you don’t need most of the features because they don’t make any sense when you actually get into production.

Mitch’s videos show you what happens when the rubber meets the road.  This is the data we like to pass along in our DSLR Filmmaker Bootcamp, which is officially called the Canon Boot Camp.  This features training in the Canon DSLR 5D, 7D and 60D.  We don’t talk about anything we haven’t tested and proved for ourselves.  There are only three exceptions, Shane Hurlbut, Gayle Tattersall and Mitch Aunger.  If they give something the thumbs up, we pass it on and attribute it to the source of the data.

A lot of Canon information is hard to pry loose prior to the release of their new products. Mitch is one of the guys Canon lets peek behind the curtain.

We compile a reference manual of HDSLR issues and gear.  If you’d like your own free copy, here is the link to the download page on Facebook.


Social Media Spotlight

More and more business people are realizing the value of social networking.  But often they don’t know where to start, what to do, or what to expect as a result.  That’s where Trevor Eisenman comes in.

Since not all companies are the same, the first step we take is a free review of their current social media presence and their overall marketing strategy.  Trevor then helps them develop a custom strategy and trains them in it’s implementation.  New Social Media clients were added to The Association family this month!

Locally we had Priscilla’s Gourmet Coffee and Tea  (best caffeine in Burbank); Meehna Goldsmith, Timepiece Specialist from Los Angeles; and Dr. Joseph Kametz, D.C, from Glendale.  All of them are receiving one-on-one training and strategy implementation from Trevor.

Trevor Eisenman

No time to figure out Social Media?  Email Trevor today a and find out how simple Social Media can be to implement for your business.


Future Canon Boot Camps and Events

Canon DSLR Workshops and Boot Camps in Los Angeles, CA

Future Canon Boot Camps

How to shoot DSLR Video at the Canon  Boot CampStill Photographers, Film Industry Professionals and filmmaking amateurs alike are attending our Canon camera classes every month to reduce their DSLR video learning curve. Some of our students arrive wondering where the “On” button is on their camera. Others are intimately familiar with Canon DSLR cameras EXCEPT when it comes to video.

Some are celebrities or established filmmakers, directors and/or producers but need to catch up with all that DSLR filmmaking has to offer. We are there for all of them with our  “Active Learning” hands-on approach to training. No boring lectures. No being left behind with show-off techno-speak you can’t use anyway. No seminar you just sit through. Our DSLR filmmaker workshops are practical knowledge passed on by Pros with plenty of action. Many feature DSLR Filmmakers as guest speakers.

Not prepared to take a class this month? All of our future classes are listed on the right side of this page. Find a date that works for your schedule and click on the link to sign up. If this is your first visit to our site, click here for more information about the Canon Boot Camp and what we cover during our weekend hands-on intensive training course.

Don’t see a date that works for you? How about a one-on-one class just for you based on your schedule? Yes, you don’t have to be a rock star to get the Chief Instructor all to yourself. It helps, but it’s not totally necessary. Email Trevor Eisenman to make a request or call him at 818-841-9660.


Digital Filmmaking WorkshopsDigital Editing Workshops with Larry Jordan

There’s more to digital filmmaking than a camera. So from time to time we provide training on a variety of related subjects:


  • Digital Editing
  • DSLR Post Production Workflow
  • Lighting Techniques

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Influence the future by requesting a workshop or boot camp on topics related to filmmaking by sending us an email.


Learn How to Shoot DSLR Video

Even if you already are intimately familiar with DSLR cameras like the Canon DSLR 5D, 7D or 60D, learning how to shoot DSLR video can be a challenge. For example, many still photographers already know Canon cameras very well, but have never dealt with video production. Aside from the many aspects of video production that don’t even involve direct use of the camera (script writing, for example), there are aspect of learning video that might be hard to find in a seminar.

DSLR Video CaptureKarl Morgan, Video Production Manager APU Film Department

Karl Morgan is the Video Production Manager at APU Azusa here in California. Karl came from Azusa Pacific University’s video department to learn more about DSLR at our Canon camera classes. He was surprised to discover that a portion of our training covers DSLR video capture and post workflow. There are some important best practices (that we learned from experience!) to avoid incorrect capture as well as plain loosing footage due to accidents or even just misplacing storage devices.

DSLR Audio Recording

But it’s not just about the looks! Even if you have lighting and video capture down like pro, it’s got to sound good so audio recording has to be understood. The Canon DSLR 5D and similar cameras weren’t originally designed for audio with a genealogy more attuned to still photographers. So anyone dabbling in DSLR Video capture needs to get educated on proper DSLR audio recording to save themselves a lot of headaches after the shoot.

The Canon Boot Camp is designed to teach anyone how to shoot DSLR and covers lighting, video capture and audio recording. You can come as a beginner, and leave a Pro in just two days.  A small taste of the workshops can be gleaned by downloading the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual, Part I from our Facebook Page. Or you can just come to the next class.


The Canon Boot Camp Partners with the Brooks Institute

Brooks Extension Workshops Logo


The Association and the Brooks Institute are proud to announce our partnership in offering Canon Boot Camp workshops in Burbank, California, August 25th & 26th.

The Canon DSLR cameras have revolutionized film and television production. The Canon engineers have empowered millions to shoot 35mm quality films.The Association's Canon Boot Camp


Pro Level I



We show you the menu settings, software, rigs and techniques to improve your skills as a filmmaker, whether you’re a beginner or an experience professional.

Our Canon Boot Camps are held in a relaxed but focused learning environment. We follow a step-by-step checklist based on the Active Learning method of teaching, i.e. you’ll learn by doing. You go at your own pace. Our friendly team of pro’s are happy to help you through any steps that may be confusing to you. Drills give you certainty that you have mastered the techniques.


Pro Level II



Then, on Day Two, we shoot scenes for a short film so you can apply and absorb what you’ve learned on Day One. You then receive your Canon Boot Camp Pro Level 1 & 2 Certificate.

NOTE: Anyone may attend this Boot Camp. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Sign up now. Prepare yourself for real digital film production with the Canon DSLR 5D, 7D or 60D!

Early registration rate for the 2-day Canon Boot Camp (lunch incl.) is $699 if you register before August 23. After that the regular price of $898 applies.

Come to the Canon Boot Camp on Aug 25th and 26th

Why Google+ Should be part of your Effective Marketing Plan

Why Google+ Should Become Part of your Effective Marketing Plan

The title of the graph says it all for some companies. But it’s not just an affluent target market that’s important. It’s showing up in Google search results as well.

Even if you’re not a technical whiz, you’ve probably heard about disagreements between Google, Twitter and Facebook. Last I checked, the agreements Google had between Twitter and Facebook were no longer in place. So exactly how much of Twitter and Facebook’s data stream makes it into Google’s Search Results is unclear. At least, I haven’t been able to figure it out.

But Google+ is obviously OWNED by Google. Of course the data shared there will be accessible to Google. That’s important because the social shares on Google+ can affect the ranking of your content in search results. Technically, Facebook Likes and Twitter Tweets should affect ranking as well, but if that data isn’t always accessible to Google…why take your chances? Anyone executing a long tail keyword research strategy is going to want to take advantage of the Google+ share capabilities.

Many websites already have share buttons for the major social networks. If you haven’t already updated your website with a Google Share button, now would be the time. There’s an affluent market out there you could be influencing with your content!

Notes from the Manual: How the 5D Got So Famous So Quickly

Excerpt from the Canon Boot Camp Manual

What’s the big deal about the Canon 5D?

Canon DSLR Shallow Depth of Field showcased on House M.D.

The Canon DSLR 5D’s large sensor produces a shallower depth of field (depth of focus) than small sensors. Hollywood D.P.’s heard about the massive 5D sensor and the beautiful image it creates, and the way it threw the background out of focus. They loved it. A movie-making machine in the palm of your hand. And they saw that on the TV screen it looks as good as 35mm motion picture film, as you can see in the frame above.

Gale Tattersal DP for House M.D. shot the Season 6 Finale with DSLRs

D.P. Gale Tattersall shot the Season 6 finale of “House M.D.” using a Canon 5D with Canon lenses.


Gale Tattersal l, D.P., “House M.D.” stepped in front of “Hollywood’s tank” with Greg Yaitanes watching his back, and shot the season finale of “House M.D.” with Canon DSLR 5Ds instead of the usual 35mm Arriflex cameras. “I think these cameras are as game-changing as anything we’ve seen in this business in at least the past 30 years.”




Shane Hurlbut D.P. Canon DSLR 5D Pioneer with "The Last Three Minutes"Shane Hurlbut, D.P., Terminator: Salvation Shane has passionately embraced the Canon  DSLR 5D. His film, The Last Three Minutes, shows the amazing pictures and functionalities this camera brings to the cinematographer. Shane’s “digital films” for the Navy Seals and the Marine Corps demonstrate how the camera enables intense, fast production.

Shane told us he can shoot at least 40–50 percent faster with the Canon 5D compared to Hollywood’s 35mm cameras. Shane established his own 5D rental facility and his blog is a fount of information and battle-hardened tips about shooting with the 5D.

The Canon Boot Camp teaches you what you need to know to shoot professional video in just two days. Don’t wander through an engineer-written manual on your own. Get an experienced guide to show you the way – fast. The Association has the longest-running Canon DSLR Boot Camp in the world.

Can’t come to the Canon Boot Camp? Preview Pro Level I by downloading Part I of the Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual (red link below) from our Facebook Page.

Download the full Canon Boot Camp Reference Manual

from our Facebook Page

Boot Camp Early Bird Price Extended for August 25-26

In Honor of “Be Kind to Humankind Week”

Have you ever wondered if you could, as a single human on this planet, have a profound effect on many other people? Of course you can! How many films have revolved around that exact theme? I find such stories fascinating.

You’ve probably never heard of “Be Kind to Humankind Week, but it does exist. And it’s one of those “one person took action” type stories. Oddly enough, the end of a life started ‘Be Kind to Humankind Week” in August of 1988 by Lorraine Jara in Toms River, New Jersey:



“I created this celebration in light of a very upsetting newspaper article I read. The article dealt with the story of 2 young men, both in BEKIND JARA LTtheir 20′s, who were boating in our local town’s waterways. Apparently, they were in a small rowboat, which overturned. The story went on to say that as they clung to the overturned vessel, 2 young ladies in another boat plucked them out of the cold water. The ladies did not have a motor boat or a radio on board their vessel to call land for help. 2 maybe 3 other power-operated boats with radio antenna’s

passed them by, refusing their calls for help. One passing boater reportedly said, ‘We don’t want to be bothered.’  Understandably, I grew very ‘bothered’ by their reaction. When finally rescued, one of the young men died.

“I was so devastated after reading this article that I felt something had to be done in honor and memory of the deceased young man.

“I phoned his family and asked permission to have a memorial erected in a park where he lived, and understandably they thanked me but refused. They were too grief stricken to think about it. I then thought…well, they have Be Kind to Animals Week so why not celebrate ‘Be Kind to Humankind!!!’ That was in August of 1988!”

In honor of the this holiday, which occurs on the fourth week of August, we have decided to be kind to humankind by extending our early bird pricing on the Canon Boot Camp! Officially, the Early Bird pricing ended August 14th. So for all of those shooters who were waiting for Friday’s paycheck to come in and missed the cutoff for the lower price, you’re in luck!

Ok, I admit, I didn’t even know about this Holiday prior to writing this blog post. But you have to admit, it’s still a kind act to all filmmakers everywhere. Just roll with it.

Did you know Canon Boot Camp Graduates are eligible to come back to any boot camp class free of charge as a “refresher?” And if anyone referring someone who pays for the class gets a $50 referral prize. Just a couple more ways we can be kind. So pay it forward and refer a friend today!