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Screenwriter Chris Wilkinson – “Awesome”

Hollywood Screenwriter Christopher Wilkinson visited us at the Canon Boot Camp and left a happy man! No stranger to the Silver Screen, Chris has helped pen and produce a number of features, including Nixon, directed by Oliver Stone and starring Anthony Hopkins, and Alidirected by Michael Mann and starring Will Smith. He’s currently working on an untitled Freddie Mercury biopic scheduled to come out in 2014, starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Chris shared his experience at the Canon Boot Camp in a video interview. We’re excited about his future work and look forward to viewing future DSLR projects.


Screenwriter Christopher Wilkinson Visits the Canon Boot CampI came [to the Canon Boot Camp] to get an overview of DSLR Filmmaking, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. It was awesome! Really awesome. Especially yesterday [Pro Level I]. It was clear, interesting, beautifully presented; friendly, wonderful people – thank you! It’s great, couldn’t be happier.

Christopher Wilkinson

Interested in getting a grip on DSLR Filmmaking? Our classes are geared to both experts and newbies, each class specifically tailored to the needs of the participants. After signing up for a boot camp or workshop, we’ll send you a survey to find out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. The Chief Instructor then modifies the course syllabus to ensure each need is met as closely as possible.

We don’t know of another live DSLR class that provides such a high level of customized training as effectively as our Canon Boot Camp. And we strive to keep it that way. Come find out for yourself, and attend the Canon Boot Camp and/or our Lighting Workshop. Graduates of either class are eligible for a $200 discount on whichever class they haven’t attended yet. Call 818-841-9660 or email Trevor for more information.

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Alzo Overhead Drum Light

This week, we tested out a new lighting fixture from Alzo; the Overhead Drum Light is like a china ball. We used it in two very different lighting scenarios. One was portrait lighting, and the other food lighting. Although both aimed to be glamorous shots, we had to use the Overhead Drum Light and our tools in very different ways.


For portrait lighting, we used the Alzo Overhead Drum Light with a reflector for a soft lighting. For food lighting, the Overhead Drum Light was dropped closer to the subject and with the help of two small desk lamps with barndoors attached to provide a key. This light is very versatile and provides a soft, bright light for your subjects. It is also mobile when attached to a c-stand arm so it can swing into place and be moved up and down.

We recently used this light at a Canon Boot Camp shoot to create a skylight above our talent’s head. Here is the shot:




Let us know how you would use the Alzo Overhead Drum Light!

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Wedding Cinematographer Joe Campo Gets Results

Joe Campo Wedding Cinematographer

Joe Campo traveled from New York to take the Canon Boot Camp and hone his skills as a wedding cinematographer. Within the first 10 minutes of the class, his most pressing question had been answered. We would have sent him home, but there was so much more to cover!

Afterward Joe took the time to share his review of our DSLR video training, and if it was worth the trip. We are looking forward to seeing his future work – with a DSLR in hand it’s sure to be stunning.


My name is Joe. I’m from New York. I am new to the business, and I am a wedding Cinematographer. And I just came here to, I guess, improve my knowledge on the inner workings of the camera. How to get the job done, the right way, like the pros.

The first thing I mentioned, actually, when I was sitting down [Pro Level I], was how to get the shots in perfect focus, and the question was answered like that. So, it was definitely worth it right there, like the first 10 minutes of this [boot camp]. It was definitely well worth it. It definitely helped me so much. I’m excited to shoot my next shot!

Joe Campo
Wedding Cinematographer, NY

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Director Camilla Magid gets Behind the Camera

Camilla Magid is a Danish director that was looking to get a hands-on perspective on DSLR Filming. So she took advantage of the Canon Boot Camp and not only learned how to set up her camera correctly on Day 1, but also got behind the camera on Day 2 when we shoot a short film.



In her own words:

I was hoping to learn to get to know the camera better, and feel more comfortable in using it myself. And that turned out great! Now I’m ready to go out there – I need some more practice – but I feel completely confident that I can go out on my own. My favorite scene would be the pie scene (laughs). I think that was my favorite scene.

I would definitely recommend it [the Canon Boot Camp] because it’s a great environment, really nice people and a lot of valuable knowledge in just two days.

Camilla Magid
Director, Magid

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