A Few Favorite Things from the Canon Boot Camp

Graduate Feedback on Recent Canon Boot Camps

Favorite Things from the Canon Boot CampSeveral years ago we started the Canon Boot Camp as a way to impart practical Canon 5D & 7D instruction to Los Angeles filmmakers. Since then The Association has traveled as far as Prague, Czech Republic, to deliver training to hundreds of DSLR Filmmakers of all levels of experience.

We’re already the longest running DSLR training boot camp of it’s kind. But that’s not enough. We constantly work to improve the instruction so that each participant gets the skills they need. But what are those skills exactly? More importantly, what skills do GRADUATES actually feel they obtained after shooting in the field again?

A recent survey of several classes revealed the top three most valuable skills graduates feel they got from attending the Canon Boot Camp (hint: the list doesn’t include crisp apple strudel):

  1. Camera Operation
  2. Lighting
  3. Application of what was learned by shooting with the camera (2nd day of the Boot Camp)

Here’s some specifics for each category:

Camera Operation

  • Setting up the camera
  • Going thru the steps, to register the “C1″ so that I’m ready to shoot.
  • how to set the Menu settings
  • off loading video
  • Controls
  • Learning how to operate the Canon 5D for optimal video results in only one day.


  • Talking about lighting and white balancing
  • Histogram reading. I will never go without reading the histogram again
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Different types of light, angles, & intensity.
  • White Balance

Practical Shooting Experience

  • Shoot 2nd Day (Pro Level II)
  • Actually having to shoot the second day.
  • Live shooting
  • Getting in there and applying what you learned was great. I learned about different types of gear, shot type, lighting, patience, etc.

To read more about what graduates are saying, visit our blog page dedicated to input from our students. Better yet, come join us at our next Canon Boot Camp and experience for yourself! We can get you up and running with your Canon in just two days – we’ve done it for hundreds of other DSLR Filmmakers, we can help you add the video edge to your repertoire.

Of course, if you’re reading this before November 8th, 2012, join us at Canon USA for the World Premiere of The Rose, the DSLR short film created by our Prague Boot Camp, along with several other DSLR short films also created by Boot Camp Students. Many graduates will be in attendance and would be happy to share their experience in person.


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