Bad Voice Files Cause Accidents

Recent accidents blamed on bad voice files in the GPS system, have made car manufacturers and their vendors realize that these defective files can cost them millions of dollars in lawsuits, recalls, and worst of all, driver fatalities.  Here are some recent accidents ‘s due to bad GPS systems.

Bad GPS voice files are dangerous

“New Jersey Driver Follows GPS, Causes Four-Car Pileup,”

“Woman Follows GPS, Drives Straight Into Swamp,”

“Japanese Tourists Follow GPS Directions, Wind Up in Bay,”

“UK Woman Follows GPS, Drives Mercedes Into River,”

“Trucker Follows GPS Directions, Winds Up in Tree.”


What’s a Voice File? A GPS navigation system has thousands of them.  For example, a GPS computer may playback three voice files in the following command, “In a 500 yards, exit left, onto 405 North.”

And what makes that voice file “bad”?  Well, when the voice file that should have said, “Exit Right…” was mislabelled and the computer says, “Exit left” instead of “Exit Right,” things can get dangerous for a woman trying to exit the freeway on the left on a rainy night and there’s no exit ramp there.

Or let’s say the navigation system takes her into a very rough part of town.

That’s why we put such emphasis on delivering zero defect voice files to all of our clients.  We’ve been providing error-free, zero-defect voice files for 14 years, virtually since the beginning of the industry, for Clarion, Microsoft, Alpine, Johnson Controls, IBM and deCarta in multiple languages.

As we approach 100,000 error-free voice files we are proud of the fact that none of the voice files we’ve produced have been involved in an accident, nor cost our clients a penny in damages or product recalls.  But most important, as I am a grandfather now,  I know that the voice files we produce help millions travel safely on their way to their destinations.


Fletcher Murray is the President of The Association, which has been providing voice files for in-vehicle navigation systems the longest of any vendor, beginning with the Clarion/Microsoft Auto PC project in 1999, The Association has the most successful production workflow which has provided over 64,000 error-free voice files to Alpine, Johnson Controls, IBM, deCarta, Boeing, Raytheon and others.  In June, we completed a 22,400 voice file project recording “ordinary people” reading lines in eight languages to train computers to improve voice recognition scores.

Please call us at 818 841-9660 or 818 606-3538 to discuss how we can provide solutions for your voice file projects.


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