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Once a week I hold an evening class called the Burbank Inbound Marketing Club. It’s really for enterprise social media lovers, but anyone may attend. It’s part of the The Association’s community outreach and to give a hand to local business owners.

Social Media may seem like a breeze to the younger age group, but for anyone over the age of 35 that wasn’t born with a smart phone in their hands, this social media education can be really helpful. Along the way I’ve been collecting feedback about the class, which I thought I’d share for the benefit of those who haven’t attended yet.

I’ve found that implementing social media piece by piece is easier to swallow than trying to help someone understand a big chunk in 4-5 hours.  Too much information!  So the class really cuts it back to something manageable, and we have a good time.


“Great Presentation!!! Learned a lot about blogging. Thank you very much Trevor””I’m starting to have an idea of what I can do. I pretty much did the same thing I had done the previous time but I still learned new things this time and want to start blogging!

“This was very fun, easy to understand and helpful. I’m SO excited that I can increase my exposure. Thank you! :)”

“Thanks. I do know a little about this, but you helped me do this myself and what to do, in a simple way. THANKS!”

“This class was very informative.  I am fairly illiterate when it comes to the computer.  Trevor and Morgan are very helpful and really consult your understanding.  I have created a blog tonight and am starting to understand what I can do with this social media.  Thanks guys.”

“I confronted the Web Utopia with an actual “doingness” with your help and your simplicity.  You certainly made the Web more accessible for me.  Thank you.”

“I’ve created and maintain a simple yet elegant website for an artist: www.JaneThorpeArt.com. With the expertise of Really Simple Social Media I’m getting Jane’s Blog up and running so she will be able to maintain her blog and post to her site, Facebook, etc. via Posterous. We’re also working on a social media keyword/content plan. Once this is under way I’m looking forward to working on my own blog, social media marketing plan and website for my ‘simple websites’ business. In the meantime I’m journaling on everything I’m learning. Thank you very much!”

“I think we’re onto something with the use of Posterous, The possibility here of servicing other social media sites from posterous can provide some harmony to my mutifaceted blog activities. Also there has to be a purpose to a blog or web site or social media and this is good to reaffirm rather than just content, content, content. I see that I can go somewhere with this.”

“It was great.  Really starting to feel like I am getting a grasp on the social media system and how to utilize it!”

“I am building better knowledge about social media.”

“This was good! More of a hands on class. I’m getting a clearer idea of what Posterous can do and was able to do more practical application of what we learned. Great to be able to link it to other social media sites and profiles.”

“I enjoyed getting the data on Twitter and definitely getting the words I didn’t understand cleared up – it can be quite a confusing area and strange words are thrown around with great abandon.”

Topics vary. Sometimes it’s tailored to the crowd that shows up. Sometimes we have a planned presentation that we announce before hand. If you’d like to attend. you may RSVP on Facebook by searching for “Really Simple Social Media” and clicking on the Events tab.

I’ve also created a resource for business owners interested in online lead generation. Since every online campaign starts with keyword research, we have a free Social Media Keyword Analysis anyone can use to their advantage. Just click on “Request a Free Social Media Keyword Analysis” to submit a request. For anyone still curious if social media is a good idea, click on “The Seminar” for a series of short videos giving an overview of why social media is so vital in today’s world.

The Simple Social Media website of Trevor Eisenman

The Club is all about implementation, not just endless blathering at the front of the room. We really dig in and get our hands dirty. The whole point is that you learn to do it so you can do it on your own. After all, the tools are free. Why not invest in learning how to use them?

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