Canon 5D Mark III Featured at One Day Workshop

Canon's New Mark 5D III
With the Canon HDSLR 5D Mark III now available, there’s likely to be a lot of questions and demand for training on this near perfect camera. Fortunately, Fletch and the Canon Boot Camp Team are back from shooting with the Mark III in the Prague Boot Camps! Canon Europe was very helpful in providing the Mark III for our use, and let me tell you, the Team was all over these cameras. So in our next boot camps we’ll have the answers to a lot of your questions:
1) What are the new compression schemes, ALL-i and IPB?
2) Can the Mark III really deliver 90 Mb/second?
3) What’s the blurring effect in the DPP software and is there a work-around?
4)┬áRecent videos showing it’s low light performance.
The next Canon camera classes are at the end of April. We’ll be doing our usual Pro Level I and Pro Level II classes back to back on April 28th and 29th, respectively. During Pro Level I, the Chief Instructor (and Founder of the Boot Camp) Fletch, will go over his experience with the 5D Mark III in detail and answer all the questions he can. So he’s basically the featured guest speaker this month! For those not familiar with our Canon Certification training, Pro Level I is for anyone at any level that wants to learn Canon DSLR technology (beginner and Industry Pros), and Pro Level II is the advanced class where we shoot a scene (specifically scripted for the class) from start to finish. Both classes are very hands-on, but only Pro Level I (Sat the 28th) will feature the Canon DSLR 5D III segment by Fletch.
We are SO excited to be able to teach about the Mark III and we hope you’ll join us on the bleeding edge of technology! Stay tuned for the amazing edited footage of the Prague Boot Camp, coming soon to a monitor near you.

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