Canon Boot Camp Contest Rules and Regulations

Win the Contest for a Canon Boot CampContest Rules and Regulations FAQs

Welcome to the Canon Boot Camp Contest Page. Since you’ll have a better chance to win if you understand the rules and regulations involved, here they are in plain English:

Who can submit entries?

Anyone may enter. We are assuming only still photographer and DSLR Filmmakers would be interested, but really, anyone may enter. As long as they fulfill the qualifications, it’s all good.

What’s in it for me?

The Canon Boot Camp is a value-packed, 2 day-intensive DSLR workshop that’s great for beginning filmmakers as well as complete Pros and anyone in between. It’s probably worth about $2500, but let’s just say you’d save about $1000 if you win the contest. There’s some other benefits to getting into the class:

  • Connections with Industry Professionals
  • Getting listed on our Graduate list with a link to your website
  • Possibly exposure in our blog for your business and future DSLR projects/films
  • Possibly getting DSLR film projects when The Association isn’t available or appropriate for requested projects we receive

Can I submit more than one entry for the month I want to attend?

Nope. Only one chance per month. But during the entry process, you may check each available month (see the available event dates on the right side of this blog) in order to submit ONE entry for EACH available month. The only other variable on that statement is when it’s after the 15th of each month. That’s because the contest for the current month ENDS at midnight on the 14th of each month. Otherwise we don’t have time to pick a winner for that month so they have a chance to actually arrange arriving at the Boot Camp.

You can try submitting more than one email address, but that would only be annoying for both you and the contest administrators. For one thing, you’d get our newsletter multiple times. We’d eventually figure it out and cancel the 2nd win to pick someone else.

I’ve already done the Canon Boot Camp. Can I submit an entry anyway?

If you attending the Canon Boot Camp before, you don’t need to submit an entry. Graduates are eligible to come back for a refresher on any later date. So in a way, you’ve already won! You may submit an entry and win a boot camp for someone else, such as a friend, relative or colleague. If you win, you’ll have to let us know specifically who the boot camp is being gifted to so we can make sure administration is taken care of on our end.

What are the qualifications and requirements in order to submit an entry?

  • You must have clicked on the “Like” button of our Facebook Page.
  • We have to know which event month you’d like to win a seat for.
  • You must have an active subscription to our Email Newsletter.

If I submit entries for multiple months, am I eligible to win more than one Canon Boot Camp?

You may only win ONE Boot Camp.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend until after all the currently listed event dates. Will the contest be continuing after the currently listed events?

The contest applies to all listed dates and future dates until notification otherwise. We reserve the right to end the contest at any time.



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