Canon Boot Camp Graduate Profile: Michael Brewer, Director and Cinematographer

Michael Brewer, director and cinematographer

Michael Brewer has worked for ABC-TV, Good Morning America, ESPN, VH-1 and other broadcast outlets. His work has taken him to international locations including South Africa, Hong Kong, Cuba, and most recently Namibia.

“I had never worked with DSLR and wanted to get a solid background in it,” says director/cinematographer and Pro Level ll Graduate, Michael Brewer.

“I wanted to learn from people who really knew a lot about cameras, and [The Association] really know their stuff.

“I had researched workshops and I came upon a workshop done by [other organizations]. It was $1500. I ended up asking a few of my friends and colleagues about good workshops that were affordable. A couple of people recommended the boot camp at The Association. They told me it was great, and that it was only about $400. One guy told me, ‘After you take this class, all your questions will be answered’ and they were!” 

The Association
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