Charles Kay Jr., Still Photographer and his Canon Boot Camp Experience

What can a Still Photographer learn from the Canon Boot Camp? 


I graduated from Brooks in 1992, and I found out about the boot camp because I wanted to hone in some video skills with my Canon 5D, and I've bloomed quite a bit today! I'm excited to shoot tomorrow. I was surprised realistically at the amount of equipment needed to produce something. And really the limited amount you really could use also, and produce some decent quality video. I liked that part.

I'd absolutely recommend the boot camp, especially to professional still photographers that want to get into the video market. I think that you need to learn with a hands-on classroom. This is definitely one of those.  I think that is huge. You don't have rows of people listening to a dry speaker with a bunch of great slides or boring slides. I think the fact that Fletch shoots and is working today is a nice factor also. But the size of the class, definitely, but the hands-on portion as well, really blend together well…

You know, what I think I learned was a beginning recipe and the rest, which I liked as well, I leave up to Pablo Naruda and think about exploring my life through film.

Charles Kay Jr.
Still Photographer


* A reference to the poet Pablo Naruda, a poem of whom was featured in the short film "The Sonnet" produced by Canon Boot Camp students.

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