Daniel Pearl ASC Evaluates the Canon Boot Camp

Daniel Pearl, ASC. Canon Boot Camp Survivor

Possibly the most well known Daniel Pearl movie is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Daniel’s very first film after completing his Masters at the University of Texas. That legendary horror flick was followed by a very productive career including music videos (the Billie Jean music video comes to mind) as well as commercial photography.

Daniel came to the Canon Boot Camp to learn digital video capture and catch up with the latest advancements. He’s the kind of guy you’d love to have coffee with and just shoot the breeze for a couple of hours to hear all the filming horror stories and adventures that went along with the actual films.  But here’s what Daniel Pearl, ASC, had to say about his experience at the Canon Boot Camp:


Daniel Pearl, ASC Reviews the Canon Boot CampI thought the class was really good. I thought it was very – you know – the knowledge was very through. You guys were quite good about answering every question I had. I’m a guy who just, you know, I’ve come from a sewing machine and a black box that runs at 24 frames a second. I don’t know – almost nothing – about the digital world.

There’s a lot of things I don’t know, and you guys, it was great! I mean, I would say although I’ve got quite a lot of experience as a cinematographer, I understand a lot about cinematography, I know very little about digital capture, and you know, it was great. I was never in a fog [which] you guys were very good about, it was very clear. And [the instructor] was very good about answering my questions.

I absolutely would recommend it, yeah, absolutely. I thought it was very through like I said – there was no doubt, everything was quite clear and no hesitations to answer my questions. I can’t even imagine what could be missing…

Daniel Pearl, ASC


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