Facebook has the Connection Mojo for Brands

Facebook is the preferred social network to connect to brands

Is your brand on Facebook?

Well, if you’re still searching for a good reason to get a business Page on Facebook, the corporate version of a personal profile, the graphic above might be a good start. Are you where your visitors want you to be?

These days getting hip on Facebook isn’t as hard as it looks. There’s a fair number of template tools and companies ready and willing to get your page up fast. The problem has become, which solution is the best one to choose? An obvious answer is “the one that is the most effective!” I know, I know, which one is that? Unfortunately, one must try out different solutions and see what works best for your particular situation.

At the Association, we use a 1-2-3 punch approach. We create content on our blog, share it through social media, and also promote the same content through our Constant Contact newsletter. One of the reasons I appreciate Constant Contact is its consistent effort to provide value on the social media front. In addition to simple and easy to understand training videos about social media, their platform offers easy to use add-on tools that make creating a Facebook Page a snap. I’m not thrilled with the current templates for Pages, but I expect these will improve over time.

Meanwhile, it beats waiting for your IT guy to fiddle around with getting your Page up with some kind of meaningful call to action. If your company doesn’t have a newsletter, today is a good time to start. Most newsletter platforms have a free trial. Give them a spin, see what features you like or don’t like. Call their customer service and try it out. Maybe even ask for an extra trial month if you’re not sure. Once you’ve settled on a newsletter, use it to keep it touch with current clients, gather new potential customers by capturing email addresses, and drive blog visibility by promoting your blog content.

This kind of interactive effort can create an effective marketing plan using enterprise social media paired with your regular content creation. Good luck!

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