FIlmmakers! Are you lighting with a “roller brush”?

Mole Richardson Mini-Mole Classic FresnalEvery filmmaker wants to “paint with light” for beautiful lighting setups. The ability of the Canon 5D, 7D, 60 D and even the “t’ series to “see” at higher ISO make using CFLs and LEDs tempting.  But with the new CFLs (Compact Florescent Lights) and LEDs it’s hard to get precision light and shadow needed for great filmic looks.

Using CFLs and LEDs is more like having a roller brush instead of the fine brushes that allow you to put highlights and shadows where you want them.   If you want to “paint with light” you have to have the right “brushes”.  In our Lighting Workshop last weekend, we let our filmmakers explore looks they could only achieve with fresnel-lensed fixtures, like Mole Richardson’s Mini-Mole Fresnel Tungsten Light.

In the picture on the left below, the mini-mole streaks the background fabric from holes in the black wrap.
In the picture on the right we drop a nice circle of hard light to on a white disc on the desktop in front of her to bring a nice limpid pool of warmth to the bottom of her eyes.
mini-mole streaking background and pool of light
We’re all for progress and the CFLs and LEDs offer a lot but they just can’t give you the fine touch of a fresnel lens.This way you can get more cinema looks for your corporate video production or commercial production. To learn DSLR lighting techniques, come to our DSLR Lighting Workshop. For current schedules, visit, or call us at 818-841-9660.

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