Fun & More Fun With Little Tikes

It’s common knowledge in Hollywood that you don’t want to work with kids or dogs. Video production crews find them to be too unpredictable and therefore too much of a handful. That’s why we continue to have such a good relationship with Little Tikes, the iconic brand name for kiddie toys.

In December The Association shot two spots simultaneously, both to be shown in Toys R’ Us stores. One was for the Little Tikes Outdoor Grill and the other was for the Little Tikes Mudpie Maker. We had a ball watching the kids run around making plastic hamburgers and real mud pies. The Director Theresa Soulliere did a wonderful job in keeping everything calm and organized and at the end of the day everyone was very pleased.

The Association has several areas that he love to work in, such as corporate social media and working with Canon DSLR 5D cameras. However, we also love doing commercial productions and this time around we got to shoot another spot to be shown in Toys R’ Us stores. This shoot was for the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck, a fire truck that pumps real water! Imagine watching kids riding around, spraying water everywhere as they put out pretend fires. It was awesome!

And once again, Director Theresa Soulliere kept everything under control as we shot some very creative spots out of the mayhem. It was great fun for all!

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