HoverCamera makes “dream aerial shots” come true…


As you know exciting aerial shots have long been an Association mainstay. From Apache Helicopters, to Kawasaki Jet Ski’s in St. Thomas, to cruiseships transiting the Panama Canal, the glaciers of Alaska and passing historic Istanbul we’ve shot with 35mm Cinemascope lenses on big, Bell Long Ranger helicopters at hand-held shots aboard the tiny Robinson choppers.

Jetski in St. Thomas


But here’s the big news.  Unlike most mini-chopper platforms, which are still shaky and require post processing to “smooth out” the shot, our buddy Robert Hogg’s technology breakthroughs allow us to get vibration down to below a sub-pixel level.  That means SMOOTH, Hi Def shots.


So, the HoverCamera opens a whole new range of dynamic shots because the small, 4′ square mini-chopper can orbit close to people (real helicopters must be 300 feet above populated areas) and then rise up to astounding heights.


Courtney in Park

And because the HoverCamera is so small, we can now shoot aerials inside as well as outside.

Here’s a montage of Robert’s work



Exciting times ahead.  We can now shoot the shots we dreamed about.

More and more, it’s a great time to be alive. So many dreams are coming true.

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