How well do you know the Canon 5D Mark III?

Myths about the Canon 5D Mark III

A lot of myths on the internet go unchallenged and last for years and years.  We’ve taught over 300 students in our Canon Boot Camps and we find that the myths that started three years ago about the 5D Mark II still spill over to the general perception of the Mark III.

There’s a number of myths about the Mark III that continue to float around.  Test your knowledge of the Canon 5D Mark III.  See which statements below you think are true:

1) TRUE of FALSE - You can’t record quality audio shooting video on the Canon 5D Mark III.

2) TRUE of FALSE - You can’t shoot usable green screen shots with the 4:2:0 color space of the Mark III.

3) TRUE of FALSE - ISO 250 has far less “noise” in the blacks than ISO 640 when shooting video.

4) TRUE of FALSE - The fastest way to get focus on a shot is to zoom in the lens, set focus and then zoom back out again.

5) TRUE of FALSE - If you set the Canon 5D Mark III’s ISO to “Auto” there’s no way to control it shooting video.

6) TRUE of FALSE - The histogram isn’t as good as a traditional, incident meter at determining optimum exposure.

7) TRUE of FALSE - The Mark III shoots files that are roughly 12 minutes long.


For the answers to the above, check back to next week’s Blog.

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