Is it possible to be happy on the internet?

Is the Internet working out for you? Is your website being found? Are the visitors you’re getting the ones you want?

A lot of people embraced the Internet and it’s promise of a new life with abundant cash flow. Most of us have gone through a huge learning curve to master new terms and technology to be able to "surf the web".  Then, we set up shop with our own website. We waited for millions of visitors to come by and make us millionaires.  But for a lot of people that never happened. Even worse, nobody ever came by their carefully thought out website. Bummer.

"Experts" we consulted told us that Google didn’t consider our site "relevant", hence the low ranking in searches.

Are you on page 3,563,295 on a Google search? Next to the guy who can show you how to recycle paper towels at home?

Being told you’re irrelevant you have only two options: get relevant or buy your way to the top with a Pay Per Click AdWords campaign.

A lot of people are gambling with their Pay Per Click campaign. The money for each click goes out fast but the results are not as stunning as they’d hoped.  One of our clients had a $10k a month Pay Per Click / AdWords campaign. He told us that two months before our campaign was to launch, he shut off his earlier Pay Per Click campaign. During those two months his Internet leads didn’t drop at all!  This convinced him PPC didn’t work. The truth is badly-done PPC doesn’t work. Just like a badly done web strategy doesn’t lift your "relevancy" in Google’s eyes. When we launched our PPC campaign he had 8.5% conversions in the first week.  So PPC can be done correctly, which makes sense because I don’t really think Google is trying to fleece everyone.

It’s kind of like Vegas.  Google has set up the game to reward those most relevant.  Whether you buy you way to the top with AdWords or earn your way to the top, you can win at the game. When you learn the game your odds of winning vastly improve.

Besides, shouldn’t we be relevant to our prospective website visitors? And if we’re not relevant shouldn’t Google label us as relevant? Google wants to help the "searcher" find their goal as quickly as possible. So, you have to be what they’re looking for or in Google’s eyes, you’re out.

You can address this issue or continue to "gamble blindfolded" on the web, wasting tons of money on a poorly thought out campaign that when it does bring a visitor to your site, they don’t convert. But you could make your efforts pay off. You just have to learn the game.

But you can have an effective marketing plan that works. Start with learning what a Long Tail Keyword is.

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