Killer 3 — Coming soon

If you’ve been keeping up with the short films produced by theĀ Cine Boot Camp, you may have already seen “Killer” and “Killer 2″. This weekend will round out the Killer Trilogy written by Fletcher Murray. We will be shooting the final installment, “Killer 3″, at the June 29/30 Canon HDSLR workshop. We’ll be using a HoverCam to shoot car shots and numerous other dynamic shots. As you may have guessed from our unoriginal title, this is a short film about a killer and the consequences he or she will face. A killer’s killer is going to get killed (maybe). Is that confusing enough for you?

Our participants are going to be using cameras such as 5D Mark IIIs, 5D Mark IIs, 7Ds and the Rebel series. Before the day of the shoot, which takes place on Sunday, they will go through an intense first day of technical details on how to best operate the cameras. Because these cameras were invented primarily as a stills camera, knowing how to manipulate it to get the best video look is one of the best things students walk away with. When they shoot “Killer 3″, they will be tested to see how much information they have retained. By the end of the shoot, thanks to the assistance they will be receiving, they will become very familiar with the camera. At the end of the two-day workshop, they will be confident enough to go out and shoot their own film with their DSLRs. To be part of the action, join us at our next boot camp, at



Behind the scenes of one of our “Killer” shoots.


Below are the first two “Killer” shorts:


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