Lemon Law Behind the Scenes Fun

The Association Direct Response TV Ads Clapboard
The Association delves into several facets of marketing and promotion. One of our most effective marketing plans include direct response TV ads. That’s exactly what we did for Norman Taylor and Associates.

At our film production studio we used our green screen stage to help produce the spot for Norm. The green screen allows you to save both time and money by eliminating the repositioning of equipment and costly location expenses. And, if you have a good lighting director, gaffers and grips who work fast, you’ve got more time to get the best performances from your actors. That’s why we decided to use this for Norm’s Lemon Law TV spot.

“Our video shoots not only produce a great product for the client, we manage to have some fun along the way.”- Fletch Murray, Director

Click the video below and see some of the behind the scenes at our recent shoot for Norm’s new Lemon Law TV spots.


"Behind the Scenes" Video for Norman Taylor & Associates, produced by The Association in Burbank, CA


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