Lemon Law TV Spots Pull 216 Leads After 5 Runs

We’re smiling about a new set of TV spots we produced for local Lemon
Law attorCorporate Video Production Services for Norm Taylor and Associatesney, Norm Taylor. In their first run, the spots aired 5 times and produced 216 leads for Norm in the Los Angeles area.

So we averaged about 43 leads each time a spot ran.

The cost per lead (CPL) is at a low, low $13.88.   Amazing when you consider some law firms pay $350 and up for a lead!

How did we achieve these fantastic numbers?

Well, it starts with knowing the target audience using a very through consumer analysis.  Our research specialist, Tracy Locke, in her surveying of the target audience, discovered unbelievable intellectual AND emotional data.  Thus, our Creative Director, Rick Rogers, was able to use this optimized market research to conceive TV spots for our TV Commercials Production Unit that connect with the viewer not only on an intellectual level, but on the emotional level as well.

Effective Marketing Plan makes for a happy phone
Connecting on an emotional level is what triggers people to take action. We motivated them emotionally and intellectually. The phone rang. It’s that simple.

If you want your phone to ring, if you want leads coming in the door, pick up the phone and call us.

Or email me at fletch@theassociation.tv.

Don’t let 2010 get the better of you. Take action right now.

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