Myrdahl helps Boeing to gravitate toward the Canon DSLR 5D Mark III

(This report comes in from Tom Myrdahl, who’s on assignment with the Boeing Company in Seattle. Tom Myrdahl, our 5D Guru and Canon Boot Camp crew member, had been communicating with Frank Buck, Manager of Boeing Seattle’s Creative Services and one of their top Producers Dean Jones. Tom’s been telling them about “the Look” of the 5D.   Coincidentally, a project of importance ended up on Dean’s plate that Dean felt it was the chance to try out the commercial look that the 5D could offer. So Tom was off to Seattle.  Here’s how the Canon HDSLR is doing at Boeing, which up til now has been an “all Nikon” company. Tom went up to Seattle to advise them on what and how much support equipment to get.)

Jim Lally and Tom Myrdahl on location

Frank Buck and Dean Jones were excited about the project as were two of Boeing’s best cameramen, Jim Lally and Tom Wallace. Within a few weeks the new 5D Mark III arrived.  The Compact Flash cards, HDMI cables, and other items arrived just in time for all of us to get on a plane and head off on a three week trip to St.Louis, Washington DC, and Huntington Beach California. All of us saw the quality of the 5D. The contrast and colors are more film-like.  Lighting like you would for film delivers a great look.


(above – Jim Lally and Tom Myrdahl on location)

Dean Jones & 5D in the space lab.

(above – Dean Jones with the 5D in the Space Lab.)

All involved saw that this camera is not an ENG camera but must be treated as if shooting a commercial. The depth of field issues clearly demanded care and precision on focus …this demands precise camera movement and commercial style lighting techniques…which were more easily done with daylight balanced  LED Panel lights by Zabo, and HMI Jokers…all went well.

Zabolights on set.

(above – the adjustable Kelvin temperature Zabolight on set at Boeing)

These last three weeks may indeed change the way Boeing Seattle shoot their hi-end videos from now on.

(Good work, Tom.  We’ve been working on Boeing for nearly two years now.  Happy to hear it went well. – Editor)

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