New Director Christopher Smith Takes on DSLR Filmmaking

Chris Smith at the Canon Boot Camp


Chris Smith is a reality show editor moving into directing. Canon DSLRs being the excellent choice they are for new directors and producers, he took the Canon Boot Camp to learn the art of filmmaking – in just two days.

Only two days, you ask? How could anyone get up to a professional level as a filmmaker in just two days? It’s true, you may not arrive as an ordinary run-of-the-mill human and leave as James Cameron, but you WILL leave knowing how to properly shoot digital video on a Canon DSLR. Including best practices on proper digital capture and post-production workflow.

Check out what Chris had to say about his experience at the boot camp by clicking on the video above.


Christopher Smith lines up a shot at the Canon Boto Camp“Literally everything that I learned was brand new, so everything was pretty eye opening to me. And l literally I took about 60 still pictures with that camera before I came to this boot camp. I mean, everything from f-stop to ISO, to all of the lighting and framing and composition was all brand new to me really.

Yeah, I was a bit intimidated when i first came in because I didn’t know the skill level of everyone else in the class. And a lot of the people here that were taking the boot camp were a lot more experienced than I was. And they were very helpful in showing me all the tips that they knew.

The instructor Fletch made it really, like a cool laid back class, and it wasn’t like reading a manual. Definitely liked the boot camp, especially for someone that has no experience, it taught me more than I could have expected.

Christopher Smith
Reality Show Editor
Future Director




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