Preparing Clients to Buy Your Video Services

Use events to close more clients for video services

Purchasing video services is often a major decision. There’s a lot that can go wrong for a lot of money. To add to the mix, in Los Angeles/Burbank/San Fernando Valley, there’s a lot of video production companies to choose from. Holding informational or training events for clients can help prepare them both to go through your video process and close them on choosing you, the expert video production crew, to produce their video.

Have you ever actually written down everything you know on video production? I’m willing to bet that, if you’ve successfully made a living at video production so far, you probably know a lot! If you know more about video production than your client, you’re qualified to train them on what you know. Taking the time to educate a client on various aspects of the video production process can go a long way in closing them on using your skills for their video. After all, you’ve already helped them by shedding light on how it all works.

Holding an event for potential clients can accomplish several important steps in closing any one of them on a video:

  • It compresses time, getting multiple potential clients in a room, out of which several paid clients may materialize (hopefully with a checkbook)
  • Potential clients get a chance to informally meet you in person, avoiding personality conflicts later and increasing chances of clients hitting it off with you. If they don’t like you, they won’t become clients, avoiding awkwardness later.
  • Assuming your event is helpful, they should come to the conclusion at the end that you are qualified to produce their project.
  • Events give you a chance to show work you’ve already done in a controlled environment (YouTube is NOT a controlled environment due to the distracting ads from your competitors
  • Inviting current or past clients to attend allows them to help you close potential clients through the group interaction an in-person event allows.


Here’s some possible events a video production company could hold for potential clients:

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How to Plan your Online Video

10 Ways Video can Boot Sales

Tips on Choosing a Video Production Company

The Elements of a Successful Commercial


Whatever topic you choose, keep in mind the Seven P’s so that your event is successful and people actually show up! Don’t know what the seven P’s are? Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. If events haven’t been your thing in the past, get educated on how to pull of a successful event, THEN produce it.

Producing an event won’t be unlike producing a video. It takes a team, and there’s a number of details. I’ll be writing a series of Event Tips in this blog on some of those details, so keep an eye out for the Event Tips Series. We’ve been producing our own events for several years, generating thousands of dollars a month as well as new clients and projects. You can too!

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