Protecting Your Momma

10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. We at The Association made a TV commercial for Norman Taylor and Associates to make sure these elder Americans, your moms and dads and our moms and dads, receive proper health care and are not abused by unethical health care providers.


Click here to see our latest anti Elder Abuse TV spot.

Too often it is easy to forget about our elders’ needs. The fact is we’ll all be old some day and we need to take action while we’re young so that abuse of elders becomes a thing of the past.

To make this point in the video we morphed from an old person to a young person restrained in her nursing home bed.  It is up to us to fight for the rights of those older Americans who fought to give us everything we needed to survive when we were defenseless babies.

If you’d like to receive the booklet “How to Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse” call or email Norman Taylor and Associates, an experienced law firm dedicated to stopping elder abuse. Their contact info is below.

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or call Norm or John at 818 244-3905

Join us to stop Elder Abuse.

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