Social Media – More Powerful than Pine-Sol

Social Media allows slightly interested prospects to gradually become interested enough to contact you.

Compare this to the encyclopedia salesman, who used to go door to door peddling his wares. My father did this for a time, and explained the procedure. I don’t recall what the pitch was, but the salesman generally walked out with a sale and probably a few referrals, all in one visit. Probably he’d never see the family again. Why would he? Neither he nor the family expected to see him again. The sale was done.

These days we have lots of options. Asides from the fact that we’d probably think twice about allowing a stranger in our home, we are probably going to resist buying right away until we have had a chance to “Google” for the real scoop.

By properly engaging in a corporate social media campaign, you can provide the backup data needed for a prospect to verify you are for real, and validate their purchase with you. From the viewpoint of the seller, social media also provides a kind of consumer analysis through the feedback customers tend to leave behind on sites like Facebook and Twitter. By consistently dripping out your latest news, articles and relevant information, clients come to know you and your company. Once they are comfortable you are for real, they may reach out to you, virtually closed on doing business by the time they request an appointment.

Skip the Pine-sol. That’s the power of social media, baby.

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