Speaking the Right Language

Speaking the Right Language


Language.  In our mind there are two forms.  The first, and most obvious, is the actual content you use in your social media plan.  The second is the technology you use to display your “written language”.  Old ways of marketing such as posters and mailings, the second form of language, are falling by the wayside.  The digital age has arrived and its technologies are making and breaking many companies.  Utilization of social media is essential for an effective marketing plan.

Potential clients search the web and seek something with which to relate.  They understand that you are trying to sell them a product or service, but they do not need a pitch thrown at them every time they turn on their computer or pick up their phone.  The old ways of doing business are exactly as they say: the old way.  “Dog and pony shows” have become annoying and clients want you to relate to them on a social level, much like a friend would.  Social media blogs are a great example.  These blogs allow you to relay information, in a non-confrontational way, to your clients.  No pressure, no push; just simple, reliable marketing.  The actual language you use is vital.  Social media should be used for “socializing”.  Clients and customers do not want a strong sales pitch on their social sites; they want to meet new people and learn new things.

Entertaining.  Meaningful.  Dedicated.  These three adjectives are a great way to outline your blogs or content.  Follow these words.  Was your information entertaining?  Did it have a meaningful purpose?  Do you seem dedicated with your work?

Good companies will follow.  Great companies will listen and follow.

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