Speeding up Editing and Importing with the Final Cut Pro Plug In for EOS Cameras

All jokes aside, anything that can speed up editing and importing video is obviously a boon to the existence of any filmographer.
Canon's plug-in for Final Cut Pro makes editing and importing video from EOS cameras a breeze. Well, it's a smoother workflow for EOS users anyway.  According to Canon, the plug-in cuts conversion time in half when using Apple's ProRes 422 codec.  One of the capabilities of the software is the ability to use the 'log and transfer' feature on any of Canon's EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D and EOS-1D Mark IV DSLRs.  The update also allows users to insert metadata into their clips while they're still on the camera.
Of course, filmmakers can also add metadata while editing, including timecode, reel names, and other data. Import speed has been sped up significantly.  

For the benefit of our Canon DSLR 5D and 7D users (not to mention everyone attending our Canon Camera Classes!), we've created a video to show you how to access the Final Cut Pro Plug in. Enjoy!




Using the Canon FCP Plugin from Fletch/The Association on Vimeo.

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