Storytelling – the advertising that works

Though millions of dollars are spent trying to hammer marketing messages into our skulls, I doubt if you could name a single advertisement you remember hearing, seeing or reading on the radio on TV or now the internet.

Madison Avenue has done nothing but help us develop an amazing set of what I call “advertising deflector shields”. Just like the shields of the SS Enterprise, our human version can detect and deflect the marketing message without us even being aware of it.

So, what does work?

Stories. Interesting human interest stories can fly under the deflector shields and suddenly we’re embracing a client who’s bringing us an interesting or amusing story.

We’ve been telling clients’ stories for years now. Telling Princess passengers how their cruise will be a cut above the scary land-based vacation, or how Health Valley is making foods to ensure a happy, healthy future for their customer, or how Ocean Spray’s growers are salt-of-the-earth people bringing one of the healthiest foods we can eat to our table.


(click to play video)

So, before you spend your advertising budget on things that just won’t work, consider hiring us to tell a story that might get through….and actually work.

We used to say our videos were free. Nobody got it. But in actuality, our videos work so well, they pay for themselves.

And isn’t that what you expect when you buy something? That it’ll work?

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