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Is Canon’s 70D the best BASIC filmmaking tool?

The 70D has so many advancements that solve so many problems it’s a dream camera for filmmakers, old and new, who don’t want to be bothered with all the buttons. Sure it’s been out a while and other cameras have jumped on center stage but it’s core competency keep it in the spotlight. And that’s the ability to nail focus with the touch of a finger instantly…fast than any focus puller I’ve worked with. So the 70D’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF empowers you to shoot live view and still be in focus without interruption. This sensor has not migrated over to Canon’s Cinema cameras as well.

Now this video isn’t about that focus feature. I’ve got other videos showing how well it does in the focus department listed below. This video is a shootout with the Canon 5D Mark III when we set it at ISO 1250 for a night filming.

Check it out for yourself but I stand with Vincent LaForet that this is the perfect basic camera for the beginner (and experience filmmakers who are tired of being out of focus). http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/mygear/basic-kit/

Even the kit lenses are sharp (though not built for heavy use). Check out their MTF stats. (Flat lines along the top is a very good thing.)




Click here to check out the 70D night test video.
Or click below

Nite Fountain Shootout – Canon’s 5D M3 vs 70D from Fletch Murray/CineBootCamps on Vimeo.

Below are the CineBootCamps tests we ran on the 70D’s ability to focus FAST and with pinpoint accuracy.

The 70D’s fast touch focus tests

Fast Touch Focusing 70D

70D focusing shootout with the Panasonic GH4

70D vs GH4