The Canon Boot Camp gets Social with the South Bay Filmmakers Meetup Group

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This month Fletch Murray, President of The Association and Chief Instructor of our Canon camera classes, had the honor of speaking at the South Bay Filmmakers Meetup Group.

While he was probably more focused on talking about the Canon DSLR¬†5D and 7D, I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention what a great opportunity social networking groups are to spread the word about your company without spending a lot of marketing dollars.

Customer Feedback

No matter how good you or your products and services are, having someone else outside of your company mention a few good words is pure marketing gold. After the event was finished, attendees logged into Meetup to give their feedback on his talk. Here are a couple of excerpts as an example:

Great speaker. Learned a lot about DSLR fundementals, and got to see some camera rigs I have never seen in person before. Really enjoyed it!
Jason Myres
Post-Production Engineer, Hollywood

“Tie your mic cord in a knot.” If you think that’s code for a surgical procedure then you missed this month’s meeting! This tip was one of many that made the evening well worth it all. A great presentation, informative, and educational….with some laughs along the way. Great group and great crowd.
Keith Addison Tyler
Creative Writer-Producer, Los Angeles

The rest of comments can be viewed on the Meetup event page here.

Meetup (and other social networking groups that actually meet in person, like Biznik) offer a powerful way to get in front of your target audience, gain exposure and even get clients with minimal cost. Sure beats advertising or Pay Per Click in terms of cost-per-lead. And it’s fun. Look for online social networks that lean towards meeting in person – face to face meetings are the best for the relationship building that leads to a potential work contact.


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