The Canon Boot Camp in Prague

Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral

March 2012 marks the month that The Association takes the Canon Boot Camp on the road for the first time! Are we going to Phoenix? Nope. Are we going to New York? No.

We’re swimming the ocean blue to put on the first ever European Canon Boot Camp! Yes, we will be making history (well, we’re excited about it, so it’s pretty historic to us!) in Prague, Czech Republic. One of the most visited cities in the world, and a historic cultural center of Europe, it’s only fitting the boot camp touches down here to teach Creovision Production Companysome DSLR Magic.

The event is sponsored by Creovision, a professional production and post-production studio in Prague, and number of partners. The 2 day workshops feature our Pro Level I and Pro Level II Canon camera classes with hands-on training and drilling in the use of Canon’s HDSLR 5D and 7D. And, of course, those attending will receive their Canon certification by The Association.

Since I don’t speak Czech, the classes will be delivered in English, which actually makes it all the more universal for those attending. The current class dates are March 10th and 17th for Pro Level I. Both Pro Level I classes are followed by Pro Level II on the next days, March 11th and 18th.

Anyone interested in taking the boot camps may apply! Just fill out the application and email it in. You may also reach out to the boot camp coordinators, Martin and Markus. Here is their contact information:

Martin Barták
+420 723 772 004

Markus Krug
+420 737 875 287

We thank Martin and Markus for inviting us out for what’s sure to be a memorable boot camp, and we’ll keep you updated on our trip as we can.

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