The secret of getting a cash settlement for a LEMON !

Cars are very sophisticated these days. But when your car dies on the freeway it doesn’t matter how sophisticated it is.  You’re in a life and death situation. And if you car’s a lemon, you better handle it.
women trapped on freeway
Defective cars are called lemons.  Back in the day, when they found a car that with a defect, the dealer could sometimes replace the part with a new one. But today’s cars have flaws deep inside the sophisticated computer systems that are hard if not impossible to diagnose.  Worse still, some of these flaws are unfixable.
So, even though the dealer may smilingly offer to fix the car there’s nothing he can do.  Why?  Because there is no way to fix these sophisticated vehicles. They are lemons. And the dealer is giving you the run around because they don’t want to refund you the purchase price of the car. So they’re just going to keep “trying” until you give up.
If you think you might have a lemon, call Norm Taylor. Norm’s the attorney who wrote the book on Lemon Law.  He’s honest, ethical and most of all, he’s beaten the big manufacturers and recovered zillions of dollars for his clients.  His number is (818) 244-3905.  Tell him Fletch sent you.  I can personally vouch for Norm. His website is
Here are some of the TV spots about the “Lemon Law” ripoffs going on today.

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